BEAUTYBIO Contouring + De-Puffing Rose Quartz Roller



What it is:
A 100 percent solid Brazilian rose quartz dual-ended roller to help visibly contour, de-puff, and seal in skincare for face and body.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Pores
– Puffiness

If you want to know more…
It’s been said that Cleopatra bathed with pieces of rose quartz crystal each night for its youth-promoting and healing energies. Experience the cooling, contouring power of pure, hand-selected Brazilian rose quartz crystal in a dual-ended tool designed to soothe, sculpt, and de-puff the face, eyes, and body. Each stone is unique, just like you, and carefully selected from the top 10 percent of graded rose quartz for its purity and energy noted by your stone’s color density, constant coolness to the touch and solid weight.

The Rose Quartz Roller may be used alone in the AM to de-puff or PM after a GloPRO® microneedling treatment to seal in skincare benefits. Rose quartz rolling promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces facial puffiness including the appearance of dark under-eye circles, also helping improve the appearance of pores and enhances skin’s natural glow. Make it a spa-level experience by chilling your tool in the refrigerator prior to use. Because rose quartz is the stone of universal love and healing, be prepared for love and light to enter your life. We won’t judge if you sleep next to it on your nightstand as good dreams are known to follow this aura-cleansing stone.

What else you need to know:
Additional features of Rose Quartz Roller:
– Rose quartz has inherent minerals—silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen—that skin can topically borrow and benefit from when rolling for a natural glow.
– Contour face shape by rolling skin from jawline up towards cheekbone to counteract gravity’s natural pull and move skin’s fluid back into place. De-puff in AM and contour in PM before makeup application (if you’re headed out) or sealing in skincare’s benefits (if you’re in for the night).
– Late nights and long days? Don’t let your eyes give it away. Use the smaller end to de-puff and rejuvenate the eye area by rolling under and around eyes, following the curvature of the brow bone to lift sagging, tired eyes. Avoid rolling directly on the delicate eye lid.
– Don’t forget your body! Let’s roll out those overnight sleep lines on your décolletage before dressing for work or try a targeted chilled stone shoulder massage after an intense Pilates session.
– Rose quartz stays cool with contact and can be put in the refrigerator for a more intense de-puffing and relaxation sensation.
– Rose quartz is a durable stone but store it in the protective dust bag (included) for safe travels and storage.
– Just for fun: Store your go-to beauty products next to the rose quartz roller to absorb the stone’s loving energy, which will transfer to your skin during the next application.
– DIY Chakra essence: To make a crystal essence, submerge the Rose Quartz Roller in warm mineral water in a glass container and place in sunlight for one to 12 hours. Place the energized water in a spray bottle to disperse the essence around your dwelling.
– Recharge and release: To cleanse and recharge the energy of the stone, set it outside at sunset (on a clean surface away from critters) and leave overnight. The moon renews the stone’s energy and healing powers making it ready to rejoin your routine. Don’t forget to grab it in the morning!


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