BEAUTYBIO GloPRO® LIP MicroTip™ Attachment Head, COLOR: Chrome



COLOR: Chrome

What it is:
An attachment head specifically designed for use directly on and around the lips for plumper, fuller-looking lips instantly with continued improvement over time.

Solutions for:
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Uneven skin tone

If you want to know more…
Skin density and construction is different on every area of the body, which is why BeautyBio created interchangeable attachment heads uniquely designed to treat the skin on the face, eyes, body, and lips. The LIP attachment head is designed to be totally goof-proof, which is why it’s equipped with silicone bumpers for easy use on the lips without worrying about a collision with gums or teeth. MicroTip™ needles are slightly shorter and less dense than the FACE attachment head to accommodate the unique horizontal skin layer composition and rapid cellular turnover on the lips. GloPRO® LIP MicroTip™ attachment head comes with 240 surgical quality stainless steel needles that are .2 mm in length and completely painless with a slight tingle.

What else you need to know:
Introducing the first ever lip microneedling treatment with GloPRO LIP, whose cult-following status has quickly become the authority to achieve a natural pout. By triggering skin’s regeneration response, lip’s natural volume is restored while improving the appearance of fine lines and feathering. The result is a pout with definition, bounce, and a perfect palette to enhance your favorite lippie. If you want to take results to the next level, apply The Pout Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Plumping Lip Serum in Sparkling Rosé (sold separately) to replicate an in-office hyaluronic experience at home. You control your pout, so add two coats to really pump up the volume or one for a demure boost.

GloPRO is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Research results:
In a clinical trial, after 1 treatment with The Pout Sparkling Rosé:
– 93% felt lips were smoother to the touch
– 50% improvement in volume

In a consumer perception survey of using GloPRO LIP MicroTip Attachment Head three times per week for 30 days:
– 100% felt lips appeared fuller
– 100% felt lips were smoother to the touch
– 100% would consider using GloPRO Lip MicroTip as a natural alternative to fillers and injections
– 94% agreed lips appeared to have more volume
– 94% said lips appeared plumper
– 90% said lips appeared to be more defined


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