SKIN LAUNDRY Sleepcycle Pillowcase with Silver Ion Technology



SIZE 1 pillowcase- 20×30

What it is:
A pillowcase treated with charged silver ion technology that helps reduce the presence of blemish-causing bacteria to maintain cleaner skin while you sleep.

Solutions for:
– Acne and blemishes
– Oiliness

If you want to know more…
Extend the benefits of Skin Laundry clean skin while you sleep. During sleep, your pillowcase absorbs oil, dirt, germs, and dead skin cells from your face. Charged silver ion technology provides a natural anti-microbial effect to help reduce blemish-causing bacteria by up to 99.9 percent. Use the hypoallergenic, comfortable, and non-irritating pillowcase every night to help maintain cleaner, clearer skin while you sleep.

What else you need to know:
Dermatologists recommend washing your pillowcase every two days to wash away dirt and bacteria. With silver ion technology, you only need to wash every seven to 10 days, as it is proven effective for up to 50 washes. This pillowcase is 100 percent cotton with a 300 thread count.

Tip from the clinic: get your beauty sleep. Skin does its best repair work at night and sleeping on this might help you wake up with clearer skin.


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